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Quality Control & Assurance

Bulldog Barrels provides superior quality through our use of industry standard air gaging equipment and various other testing procedures. Instrumental in the manufacture of gun barrels, air gaging allows non-contact measurement for precise dimensional analysis. This means we can measure the inside of a barrel to ensure that we have met exact dimensional specifications to within tenths of an inch(.0001). The use of this measurement equipment allows us to precisely control the drilling, reaming, honing, and rifling processes upstream in the production cycle. This important quality process is demanded by the best OEM manufacturers to ensure critical accuracy requirements are met for their products.

Surface finish condition is also a critical component to accuracy and barrel life. We constantly monitor surface finishes using state-of-the-art profilometers during barrel processing operations. Visually, bore and rifling are constantly monitored for surface anomalies by the use of sophisticated video bore scope technology.

Exterior surfaces of highly profiled barrels such as AR-type barrels are dimensionally monitored using a state-of-the art laser measurement system. We are one of only a few barrel makers in the World using this sophisticated equipment - in fact - most OEM gun manufacturers have not made the significant investment for this level of quality assurance sophistication.